With another storm on the way for Valentine’s Day, I thought it was a good excuse to shout the praises of La Roche …

La Roche is a patisserie and boulangerie on the corner of London Road and the High Street, down near the Pantiles in Tunbridge Wells.

Locals are incredibly lucky to have this wonderful shop run by Chris and Harpal Pollard. They both have extensive baking experience in London and in France. It really is a rare delight, somewhere  to spoil yourself and others . Indulge in a cake for a special occasion or a just  slice to share. (Excuse my amateur photos with reflection).

Open for nearly two years, we have treated ourselves to a number of their tarts that have all been totally sublime. One Saturday, having sold out of  fruit tarts, they  offered to have a tart with my choice of fruits made up for me within a couple of hours. Birthdays, visitors, Christmas, Easter…so many excuses to support a local business that is incredibly dedicated and skilled.

All ingredients are of the highest quality, everything is hand baked and crafted by the couple (no machines). They must get up ridiculously early!

There is a good choice of bread including spelt and rye. I notice that they mention on Twitter that no animal fats are used in their patisserie, cakes or bread and no gelatine in their mousses, so all vegetarian friendly.

I popped in today for a baguette and Chris kindly let me take some photos of some of their Valentine offerings…

La Roche also has a cafe area with sandwiches, soup and free ogling of all their delights. So no need to sneak anything home.

Valentine’s Day or not,  sharing one of their tarts or cakes would be a lovely start to any weekend.

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