Are you at that point when everyone seems to talk ‘schools’ constantly?

When your children are aged 10-13 years your specialist subject becomes ‘Schools, Schools and anything to do with Schools’. Even if you promise yourself that you won’t stress about them, it’s pretty inevitable. Luckily, in West Kent, especially around Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells, we are blessed with a number of fabulous schools from nursery through to sixth form.

Your final choice will be a function of many factors: primary or secondary; private or state (including the excellent Grammar Schools), schools that specialise in a child’s particular needs, types of exam eg. baccalaureate or A levels, and, of course, location. Most importantly, the school should suit your child.  And, if you have more than one, it’s very likely they will (at least for a while) go to different schools so logistics and location become incredibly important.

I’m always surprised when clients with young children seem to have a very laid back approach to schools. I’m quietly envious, but at the same time wary that they may not realise the practical implications of living thirty minutes from school when they finish an hour apart; or how different admission policies work if they are interested in the grammar schools or certain primary schools for example.

So, if you are thinking of moving down to the Sevenoaks, Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells – this extends into East Sussex because Kent Home Finders stretches over the county boundaries – please get in touch and I can talk you through all the options of your home search including schools in West Kent. I’m very happy to arrange a tour of the area showing you where the schools are how school runs would work from different locations.

With three children (two very different boys and a girl) currently approaching secondary education, I have spent the last couple of years touring local schools to try and really understand what makes them different from each other, their ‘vibe’ and other intangible elements. And with local friends with children of all ages in a variety of schools I glean a pretty good idea of what it is like to be part of each school.

Whichever school your children goes to, their experience will be largely determined by factors you can’t control: their year group or a change of head for example, but it makes sense to go in with your eyes open and to understand all the options available.

I’m not tied to any school in any way and I have an up to date and informed view of the area you are looking to move to. It’s another one of those big decisions that you can’t afford not to get the benefit of ‘The Local View’.

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