Why use a Property Search Agent or Home Finder?

You might think it’s an unnecessary expense when you can sit on your laptop and browse endless properties yourself, but using a Home Finder can uncover suitable properties from a variety of sources.

Trawling through the property websites can be a full time job for a house buyer. Just when you thought you had everything covered you realise that one or two of the bigger agents aren’t represented on the site you thought they were. The web can mask a number of details and quite often it isn’t totally clear on facts such as when a property first came onto the market (ie. has it just been re-released on the net) and at what price.

Not only that, but a growing number of vendors really don’t want their house posted all over the internet and agents can market their house in a much more discreet and low-key fashion to buyers that are able to proceed with a purchase straight away. Estate agents have a number of these types of properties at any one time. Agents and vendors need to know that anyone who comes for a viewing is a ‘good to go’ buyer.

As a property finder I make sure that my clients are ready to proceed so that they are able to be shown properties through a variety of sources with the knowledge that if they are interested they will be able to purchase without delay.

These clients are not just ‘having a nose around’ or just ‘seeing what’s out there’, they are genuine buyers hoping to find their ideal property. This could be a first time buyer, a second homer, clients looking to downsize or those moving back from abroad or moving down from London and beyond.

I can help with a broad range of searches including remits such as finding a first flat or house, looking for refurb opportunities, finding the next family home, downsizing possibilities, buy to let opportunities. There are so many different searches out there and they are all interesting.

By using a Property Search Agent or Home Finder, buyers show that they are committed to finding a property and that gives a certain amount of reassurance to both estate agents and most importantly, vendors. If you’ve ever tried to sell your home, you will remember how frustrating it is to make sure it looks good for a viewing while juggling ‘real life’ at the same time.

Kent Home Finders is often shown properties that are being ‘marketed discreetly’ which can be very rewarding for our clients. And remember we are only ever working for the buyer: the key to understanding why using a property search agent can be such a positive and ultimately successful experience. If this sounds a bit over the top, moving house is supposed to be one of the most stressful things you can do. Why not outsource much of the aggro?

As a home finder or property agent, I receive regular calls from vendors hoping to sell their homes off market. They will have had their properties valued by a number of estate agents but for some reason would like to sell their property privately (as well as avoiding agents’ costs). They may well have already been on the market with an agent and become frustrated at the lack of viewings (this could be due to a number of factors including that the vendor may be hoping for too high a price!) or it may be that they haven’t yet put their property on with an agent and are wondering whether you have a client to match their property. It’s always worth giving us a call.

We also have an arsenal of local contacts including parents at schools in the area so we hear early of people who might be looking to sell. Chatting on the touchline at football or cricket matches can be very productive.

Everyone always wants to talk properties and lots of contacts come through ‘word of mouth’ and ‘I hear they’re looking to…’ It’s not quantifiable of course but by chatting on the phone/Skype/Facetime or meeting up over a coffee you should be able to have an idea of whether I can do the work for you.

Local knowledge is very valuable: if you’re thinking of moving to a new area, I can save you many weekends of traipsing around unsuitable viewings and the knowledge I have accumulated as a Home Finder gives me an intimate feel of current market values which I can use to help you in deciding a reasonable offer for your proposed property, often helping you save some money along the way.

It’s certainly true that lots of people would like free (helpful) advice (don’t we all?!) but Kent Home Finders is flexible in our approach to fees for property search, so do give me a call or arrange to meet up if you have a search that you would like some help with, we can chat it through. If you are looking to move back from abroad or live a distance away I can do everything property related for you. Do have a look at my website and I look forward to talking through your search with you.

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