Looking for a property in Kent or Sussex in 2017? Why it’s a good idea to ask Kent Home Finders to help you with your search …

You might think that using a property finder would only be for buyers who are looking for a very expensive property, but there are good reasons for all types of buyers to use a property search agent.

One of the main reasons that potential buyers prefer to go it alone after considering a property finder is likely to be the fee the finder charges. It ranges typically from 1-2% of the purchase price with varying signing up fees for set time periods. This can seem high given all the other charges a buyer is likely to incur.

However, in practice the service being offered is very comprehensive and the buyer can often find that they have saved in excess of the homebuyer’s fee due to good negotiation on the asking price of their property along with helpful recommendations for other services related to the purchase.

Signing up with Kent Home Finders ensures you will have someone searching for you in a discrete and comprehensive way in your chosen market. Through many sources, including on and off market properties (as well as possible opportunities that may have been overlooked that are already on the market), properties from private sellers, auctions, word of mouth as well as many other routes for a set period of time (usually around 4-6 months out of London) your search area will be covered. Do compare fees of home finders as they vary considerably.

(It’s also worth mentioning that if you do decide to use a property finder do also check that they are a member of the Property Ombudsman or a similar organisation. If not, you should wonder why).

The internet does of course provide a constant source of properties to view 24/7 but it doesn’t necessarily make it any easier to make an informed decision on the purchase that is right for you. If anything the fact that you can google a spread of properties so easily in the area you hope to move to makes it all more accessible to others as well. This can obviously make it harder for you to make decisions in the right timescale as access to property details is so easy for all potential buyers. Also agents are likely to see more time wasters via this route, yet by using a home finder you are demonstrating that you are a serious, committed buyer with ready funds. That’s a big attraction to vendors as you can imagine. Not only that but Kent Home Finders can go and visit a property straight away for you making you a serious early contender.

If you have children, Kent Home Finders can help with schools, how to make school runs bearable and all the other factors that you take into account when making a move. We visit schools regularly and have a good idea of what you will need to be aware of in terms of the bigger picture. We know all there to know about commuting from Kent or Sussex and can help with many other recommendations to make your move as smooth as possible. From Granny-annexes to horses and donkeys, live-in help and guest accommodation, work studios or business opportunities, Kent Home Finders can do the work for you.

Once a suitable property has been found, the property finder’s job is to assess the market and taking everything into consideration, advise on a sensible price for your chosen property. The buyer’s position is all important in this process, getting to know and understand your client is probably the most important part of a home finder’s role. It is surprising how often the search morphs over the life of the search and the client often finds they are looking something a little different than when they started the process of moving.

Estate agents come in all shapes and sizes. It is very important to remember that they are acting for the seller, not the buyer. They want to achieve the best price for their client and cannot offer advice to you in the way a home buyer can, although there is certain information they should tell you. A property buyer however is acting solely for you in all respects but will have good relations with Estate agents, respecting that they are doing a different job in the same market.

After a price has been agreed the transaction has only just begun. Every purchase is different and has its own peculiarities. Kent Home Finders can help your purchase through to a successful conclusion. Sometimes things do go wrong for the most unexpected reasons but a homebuyer can help with any problems, potential or otherwise and much time is often spent chasing different parties to get to exchange and completion within an agreed time period. As everyone knows, this is usually a rather fraught time with constant chasing of solicitors, surveyors, mortgage companies as well a plethora of other admin. Kent Home Finders can do all this for you (or as much as you would like them to do) and this takes much of the stress away from your purchase.
We are acting solely for you in everything we do and this makes a big difference to how a purchase can progress, often saving you time and money along the way.

Buying property, especially for a home as part of a big move from another part of the UK or abroad is a big step. Having someone to help you through all of this process can make a huge difference in both time, cost and experience.

Kent Home Finders welcomes helping clients move from abroad and offers a bespoke service to help buyers who are unable to spend much time in the UK. It’s very satisfying to see a client happy and settled in their new home.

We are always happy for you to speak to past clients if that would help your decision to use a homefinder.

If you would like to chat through your move to the West Kent and East Sussex area please do give Kent Home Finders a call to chat through what you are looking for and how we might help.  Louise Streets 07771 723 807

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